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Vegetables in Underwear by Jared Chapman

vegetables in underwear

Illustrations and brief text reveal the wide variety of unmentionables sported by vegetables.

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Now You See Me, Now You Don't by Silvia Borando

now you see me

Invites young readers to discover the concepts of visibility and camouflage on spreads depicting a menagerie of colorful animals who seem to "disappear" as the background color changes on sequential pages.

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Moving Blocks by Yusuke Yonezu

moving blocks

An irresistible guessing game, this book asks simple questions for identifying objects that move. The vivid pictures in the book can be reinforced through play with building blocks, allowing young imaginations grow.

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The Whale in My Swimming Pool by Joyce Wan

whale in my swimming pool

A young boy discovers a whale in his pool and tries everything he can think of to get it out.

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What to Do if an Elephant Stands on Your Foot by Michelle Robinson

if an elephant stands on your foot

Advises the reader on how to handle encounters with various animals in the jungle, where a mistake while avoiding one can attract the attention of another.

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With Any Luck, I'll Drive a Truck by David Friend


A little boy has a grand time pretending to drive every big vehicle he can imagine.

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101 Reasons Why I'm Not Taking a Bath by Stacy McAnulty

101 reasons why

A young boy who thinks baths are dumb, dangerous, and a complete waste of time changes his mind after finally getting into the tub with his toy boat.

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Lion vs. Tiger by Jerry Pallotta

lion vs tiger

Contains facts about lions and tigers, comparing such aspects as their sizes, brain structure, and abilities.

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Make Way for Readers by Judy Sierra

make way for readers

Animal toddlers arrive for storytime with Miss Bingo the flamingo.

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Underwater Dogs: Kids Edition by Seth Casteel

underwater dogs

Photographs and simple, rhyming text reveal what goes on beneath the surface as various dogs swim to fetch their favorite toys. Includes facts about the different dog breeds depicted.

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Still a Gorilla by Kim Norman

still a gorilla

Willy the Gorilla imitates the other animals at the zoo, but despite pretending he remains always a gorilla.

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