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The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade by Justin Roberts

the smallest girl in the smallest grade

Sally McCabe is a very little girl, and nobody notices her, although she notices everything that goes on around her--but when she speaks out about the unkindness she sees, people start to pay attention.

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The Case for Loving by Selina Alko

the case for loving

The story of interracial couple Mildred and Richard Loving, who got married in Washington, D.C., and were arrested after they returned to Virginia, and took their legal case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Rockets 100th day by Tad Hills

rockets 100th day

Rocket the dog is excited about the 100th day of school and enlists the help of his friends to collect one hundred special things to bring to class, from heart-shaped stones found with Mr. Barker to feathers Owl provides, but will he find enough items in time?

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Queen of the Diamond: The Lizzy Murphy Story by Emily Arnold McCully

queen of the diamond

A picture book biography about Lizzie Murphy, the first woman to play in a major league exhibition game and the first person to play on both the New England and American leagues' all-star teams.

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A Wonderful Year by Nick Bruel

a wonderful year

A picture book comically following one girl through each of the four seasons.

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Square cat ABC by Elizabeth Schoonmaker

Square cat ABC

Eula, the square cat, grows many vegetables in her garden but cannot be persuaded to like spinach.

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Book-o-beards : a wearable book by Donald Lemke

Book-o-beards : a wearable book

A wearable board book with die-cut holes, which invite the reader to try out the six bearded masks.

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I Love Dogs by Sue Stainton

I love dogs

A celebration of the many types of dogs and the different shapes, sizes, textures, and temperaments they can have.

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When Otis courted Mama by Kathi Appelt

When Otis courted Mama

While his life seems perfectly good as it is, Cardell, a young coyote, learns to tolerate--and even like--the coyote that is courting his mother.

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If You Give a Mouse an iPhone by Ann Droyd

If you give a mouse an iPhone

If you give in to temptation and give a bored little mouse your iPhone, even for ten minutes, he's probably going to beam to some faraway place beyond time, space, and the sound of your pleading voice. And if he's that far gone, he won't have any idea what's going on around him, and he might end up missing out on all the real fun.

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