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New Children's Picture Books

Frank the Seven-legged Spider by Michaele Razi

frank the spider

Frank loves making beautiful webs, scaring humans, running, and scurrying but after waking up one morning missing a leg, he wonders if he still is a spider.

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Song of the Wild by Nicola Davies

song of the wild

An extensive look at nature in verse. An essential introduction to the animal world with exquisitely modern illustrations.

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Trucks Galore by Peter Stein

trucks galore

Whether hauling dirt or carrying treats, hurrying to put out a fire or hailing from outer space, this endless array of big, noisy vehicles is a dream parade for every child who loves trucks.

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The Way Downtown by Inna Gertsberg

the way downtown

The complex world of urban public transit is explored using five different characters' journeys through the imaginary city of Zoom.

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Fallingwater by Marc Harshman


This book guides readers through the process American architect Frank Lloyd Wright used in designing Fallingwater, a now-famous house in Mill Run, Pennsylvania, perched atop a waterfall. Full color.

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Goodnight, Hockey Fans by Andrew Larson

goodnight hockey fans

A young boy doesn't want to go to bed. The hockey game is on! After his parents have tucked him in and turned out the light, he shines a flashlight on his prized hockey possessions around his room: the posters of his favorite players, the pennant for his favorite team, the puck.

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Eclipses by Martha E.H. Rustad


Eclipses can hide the sun or the moon. There can be a partial eclipse or a total eclipse. Learn how lunar and solar eclipses happen and how often they appear. Then find out how you can see these amazing sights of the sky!

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I Am Thankful by Suzy Capozzi

I am thankful

Throughout a Thanksgiving Day filled with family and fun, a child finds opportunities to be thankful.

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Class Pet Mess! by Dan Gutman

class pet mess

Alexia is delighted when Mr. Cooper brings in Bob, a hognose snake, as class pet, but when Bob keels over, is Andrea's toy poodle or Alexia's neglect to blame?

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Max at School by Rosemary Wells

max at school

Max enjoys a busy day at school.

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Where's Halmoni? by Julie J. Kim

wheres halmoni

Searching for their missing grandmother, two Korean children follow tracks into a fantastic world filled with beings from folklore who speak in Korean. Includes translations and information about the folkloric characters.

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A Leader Named Leia by Jennifer Heddle

a leader named leia

Follows the adventures of Princess Leia Organa as she aids the Rebel Alliance, defies Darth Vader, and leads the Resistance against the First Order.

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