Long Abraham Lincoln A Little Longer, Harper's Weekly November 26, 1864
To get to Lincoln's feet:
  1. Move the arrow to the lower right corner of this window..
  2. Place the tip of the arrow on the down-pointing triangle .
  3. Hold down the left mouse button until the number twenty-five appears below Lincoln's feet.

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  • Scroll up and down a few times by clicking and on the right.

  • While scrolling up and down notice a bar between and also moves up and down.

    Another way to scroll is:

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    2. Hold down the mouse button.
    3. Move the mouse forward to scroll up and backward to scroll down.

    The , , and the space between them is called the scroll bar.

  • To move on to the next page, click the twenty-five below Lincoln's feet.

This political cartoon, "Long Abraham Lincoln A Little Longer," was published by
Harper's Weekly on November 26, 1864 after Lincoln won his second presidential election.